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This course is the second part of the RYA training scheme and for those who have completed the RYA Level 1 Start Sailing course or have equivalent experience. The course takes place over one weekend.

On completion of this course the successful sailor will be safety conscious, have a basic knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light winds. 

2 day course.

RYA Basic Skills Level 2 certificate

Sailing theory and background

  • Points of sailing and No Go Zone
  • How a sail works - basic aerodynamic theory
  • Sea sailing - basic advice for inland sailors including taking
  • Local advice. Tide tables, tidal sequence of springs and neaps, ebb and flow
  • The effect of wind direction and tidal flow on sailing conditions
  • Speed over ground with/against tidal flow
  • Estuaries and harbour mouths - conditions and hazards
  • Informing someone ashore
  • Inland sailing - basic advice including local byelaws, permits, overhead power lines, locks and weirs
  • The dangers of hypothermia and the importance of first aid training, particularly cardio pulmonary resuscitation


  • Knows sources of weather and shipping forecasts, when to reef
  • Understands Beaufort Wind Scale.

Clothing and equipment

  • Knows importance of personal safety, clothing and buoyancy, boat buoyancy and basic equipment depending on type of boat (may include anchor, paddle, bucket, bilge pump)

Emergency equipment and precautions 

  • Knows importance of first aid kit and flares including stowage
  • Visual methods of attracting attention, action to help those in distress



  • Understands how to rig according to weather conditions.
  • Able to reef ashore.


  • Can tie a bowline, clove hitch, reef knot and rolling hitch.

Sailing techniques and manoeuvres

  • The 5 essentials - sail setting, balance, trim, course made good and centreboard.
  • Leaving and returning to a beach, jetty or mooring.
  • Coming alongside a moored boat.
  • Knows basic rules of the road: power/sail, port/starboard, windward boat, overtaking boat.
  • Aware of lee shore dangers, sailing in close company with others and man overboard recovery.

Launching and recovery

  • Has knowledge of boat storage ashore, launching and recovery.
  • Able to paddle a sailing dinghy and row a boat around a short triangular course, come alongside and make fast.

Capsize recovery

  • Has practical experience of one method of righting a boat and knowledge of at least one other method.

 Use of engine (if fitted)

  • Has knowledge of engine checks, starting, stopping and running procedures and is able to come alongside and pick up a mooring

Coastal (optional)

Sailing techniques

  • Capable of practical application of the Practical section of Level 2 in coastal waters
  • Able to anchor, (keelboats only) sail using transits

Understands how to apply weather forecasts in coastal waters

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