Stage 3 is suitable for someone who has already completed Stage 1 & 2 and is looking for the next step to give them the confidence to sail on their own. This course will assume that you have taken part in additional sailing to RYA Stages 1 and 2, such as the sailing days we run, as this level covers more advanced skills that require more practice.

You will mainly be sailing in one of our more advanced Hartley Dinghies such as the 10 or 12.

Suitable for age 8-16 years.

Having completed Stage 3 you will be able to sail in any direction, rig and launch your boat. Your skills and knowledge mean that you can regard yourself as a sailor, not a beginner.

2 Full Days: Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday 0930 - 1630 


RYA Youth Dinghy Sailing Stage 3



  • Launching and recovery
  • Can rig, launch and recover in an offshore wind
  • Can reef a dinghy ashore according to weather conditions
  • Can store a dinghy ashore.


  • Can tie a bowline, clove hitch and rolling hitch.

Sailing techniques and manoeuvres

  • Can demonstrate the basic principles of: the five essentials- sail setting, balance, trim, course made good and centerboard
  • Sailing on all points of sailing on a triangular course
  • Tacking upwind
  • Gybing from a training run
  • Righting a small capsized dinghy as helm/crew
  • Coming alongside a moored boat
  • Prepare for/take up tow from a power craft
  • Picking a mooring


  • Understands the course and starting procedure

Sailing Background

Sailing manoeuvres

  • Understands how to recover a man overboard
  • Understands the points of sailing.


  • Understands how sail works - basic aerodynamics
  • Knows basic terminology for use afloat (windward, leeward, bear away, luff up)
  • Understands the importance of clear communication aboard
  • Understands lee shore dangers and sailing in close company with other water users
  • Understands advice to inland sailors for coastal sailing
  • Knows the importance of personal safety and telling someone ashore
  • Understands the dangers of hypothermia and the importance of first aid training

Rules of the road

  • Knows the basic rules of the road - Port/Starboard, windward boat and overtaking boat.


  • Knows how to obtain a weather forecast
  • Understands Beaufort Wind Scale
  • Knows when to reef.

Clothing and equipment

  • Understands the importance of personal safety equipment
  • Boat buoyancy
  • Basic safety equipment e.g. anchor, paddle, bailer

Course Availability

2 Full Days

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25th October '21 Fully Booked £195.00 Unavailable
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