Stage 2 is the next step from Stage 1, you will be building on previous skills learnt so you can confidently understand the basic principles of sailing, steering, tacking and controlling the boats speed.

Suitable for age 8-16 years.

By the end of this course, you will have a range of sailing skills and background knowledge, and be well on the way to being a confident small boat sailor.

2 Full Days: Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday 0930 - 1630 


RYA Youth Dinghy Sailing Stage 2



  • Can put a boat head to wind for rigging. Can rig a dinghy

Launching and Recovery

  • Understands how to manoeuvre a trolley clear of other boats and overhead cables
  • Can launch and recover a small dinghy in offshore wind


  • Can tie a round turn and two half hitches and a reef knot

Sailing techniques and manoeuvres

  • Can control speed and stop by lying-to
  • Can get out of irons
  • Can go about (close reach to close reach)
  • Can crew a boat effectively
  • Can sail a shallow triangle across the wind under supervision (gybing optional)
  • Understands the principles of: the five essentials, returning to a breach or pontoon (offshore wind)

Capsize recovery

  • Can be scooped in during capsize recovery
  • Can right one type of dinghy

Sailing Background

Sailing manoeuvres

  • Understands the No Go Zone. Understands what is meant by windward, leeward and gybe.

Has knowledge of:

  • Spars and rigging
  • Parts of sail
  • Sail controls and foils
  • Offshore and onshore winds
  • Telling someone ashore
  • The dangers of man made hazards e.g. overhead power line, weirs

Rule of the road

  • Has knowledge of Port/Starboard rule.


  • Understands several ways of finding wind direction.

Clothing and equipment 

  • Can choose and correctly adjust a personal buoyancy aid. Understands what to wear.


Course Availability

2 Full Days

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25th October '21 Fully Booked £195.00 Unavailable
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