An International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is a certificate, which is intended to provide evidence of competence when requested by officials in foreign countries. It may be issued to anyone who has successfully completed certain national boating licenses or has passed an examination to prove the necessary competence for pleasure craft operation. 

Upon a successful pass of the test you are required to send an application form & fee to the RYA and you will receive your licence which includes a photograph of yourself and is valid for five years. If you are a current member of the RYA your ICC application is free of charge. 

Although only guaranteed to be accepted in countries that have adopted the relevant UN Resolution, the ICC is a useful document to carry and will generally be accepted where proof of competence is required.

There are three types of ICC;

  • Yachts up to 24 metres (which includes Power up to 10 metres)
  • Motor up to 24 metres
  • Power up to 10 metres


What’s included?

For details of what is involved in the test download the RYA ICC Application form.

Maximum teaching ratio - 2:1 

Course language - English

EASS Motor Boat

Assessment Only (4 hours): £330

Tuition & Assessment (1 day): £585

Own Motor Boat

Assessment Only (4 hours): £185 + instructor travel

Tuition & Assessment (1 day): £295 + instructor travel

Instructor travel is only an additional cost if your boat is not at our home port of Suffolk Yacht Harbour. 

RYA International Certificate of for Operators of Pleasure Craft. 

The ICC is a certificate which is intended to provide evidence of competence when requested by officals in forgeign countries. 

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