Mechanical failure is the main cause of lifeboat callouts to yachts and motor cruisers. Basic maintenance and engine care will make sure that you are not part of this depressing statistic.

The RYA Diesel engine course aims to teach the basics of how your engine works, how to keep it healthy by using basic checks and maintenance procedures and how to go about getting started again should a mechanical breakdown occur.

Most engine problems can be avoided by taking simple precautions and, most importantly, you don't need any prior mechanical knowledge. Subjects covered during the course include principles of diesel engine operation, the systems and parts of an engine, fault finding and rectification of common problems, bleeding the fuel system, changing the impeller, routine maintenance and winterizing procedures. The course is of equal value to the sailor with an auxiliary diesel and the motor cruising enthusiast.

Designed to teach sailors to be more self-sufficient this course is a must for all yachtsmen - a sound knowledge of diesel engines may not just save you money but one day could save your life!

What's Included? 

  • Coaching over the RYA Diesel Engine course syllabus by one of our knowledgeable and highly trained instructors using a real engine for demonstrations and practice. 
  • Tea and coffee (courses at EASS only)
  • Parking
  • Certificate upon successful completion. 

Maximum teaching ratio - 12:1 

Course language - English

One day course in our waterside classroom.

RYA Diesel Engine Certificate 


Principles of the diesel engine 

The Four-stroke Cycle 

Naturally aspirated engines 


Intercooling / aftercooling 

The Fuel System 

The basic system 

The tank 

The water-separating pre-filter 

Fuel lift pump 

The engine fine filter 

Injection pump 


Bleeding the system 

The Cooling System 

Seawater cooling 

Freshwater cooling 

Temperature control 

The thermostat 

The seawater impeller pump 

The Air Systems

The airway in

The airway out 

Engine Electrical Systems 

The basic system 

Battery capacity and care 

Drive belts 

The alternator 

Spares and Tool Requirements 

Basic spares and tools 

Importance of Winterisation and Servicing 

Engine lubrication 

Transmission lubrication 

Winterisation and servicing 

Service schedule 

Fault Finding


Course Availability

1 day course

Date Availability Price Book
31st December '21 Fully Booked £155.00 Unavailable
31st January '22 Places Available £155.00 Book Now
18th February '22 Places Available £155.00 Book Now
25th March '22 Places Available £155.00 Book Now
16th April '22 Places Available £155.00 Book Now
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