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This one day course aims to provide a sound introduction to the skills needed ashore and afloat for the safe use of your Personal Water Craft. A Personal Water Craft is more commonly known as a Jet Ski and is best described as a boat powered by a water jet but with an enclosed hull.

We run this course to demand, please call us to arrange a Personal Water Craft course.

Minimum age: 12

What's included?

  • You will be coached over the full RYA course syllabus.
  • Parking – available at Suffolk Yacht Harbour
  • All mooring fees, safety equipment and tuition from one of our experienced RYA instructors.

Maximum teaching ratio - 3:1 

Course language - English

Our boat – one day commencing at 0930 hours.

Your own boat - There is also the option to take this course on your own ski, benefiting from practicing and learning how to handle your own vessel.

RYA Personal Water Craft Certificate.

Holders of this certificate will be able to obtain the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) - this is a certificate which is intended to provide evidence of competence when requested by officials in foreign countries. You will often be required to show this when chartering vessels abroad.

Under 16's: the license will be issued with an endorsement and does not qualify the candidate for an ICC 


Knowledge of

  • Types of PW


  • Layout of a PW; controls, propulsion and steering system; fuel and oil; stowage compartments.
  • Personal equipment; wet/drysuit; personal buoyancy; foot and eye protection
  • Essential PW gear – uses and stowage
  • Pre-departure checks
  • Pre-launch checks
  • Essential safety information; killcord; safe speed; local hazards

Weather, safety & courtesy of others

Knowledge of

  • Sources and significance of weather forecasts
  • Avoiding pollution; disturbance; damage to wildlife and wildlife habitats


  • Interpreting a relevant forecast
  • Courtesy to other water uses
  • Lee and weather shores

Launching & Familiarisation

Knowledge of  

  • Balance and trim


  • Launching from a trailer
  • Anchoring
  • Storing a securing a trailer


  • Demonstrate the correct use of a killcord at all times
  • Board a PW in shallow waters and start the engine
  • Control a PW at slow speed using all the available gears and controls.

PW Handling


  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of stopping distances
  • Come alongside another craft, pontoon or floating dock
  • Approach and recover a man overboard
  • Control and corner a PW at planning speed
  • Complete a slalom exercise
  • Maintain a good lookout at all times



  • How to right a capsized PW


  • Set up a tow using bowline and round turn & 2 half hitch
  • Tow another PW or craft
  • Rebound a PW from deep water

 Rules of the road

Knowledge of

  • Sounds signals


  • Lookout
  • Safe speed
  • Priorities between different classes of vessel
  • Head-on, overtaking and crossing rules
  • Local byelaws; sped limits; prohibited areas


  • Demonstrate practical application of the rules of the rule

 Essential Navigation

Knowledge of

  • Charts – representation of land, shallows, deep water, hazards, direction and distance
  • Buoyage
  • Tides and tidal streams


  • How to interpret tidal information


  • Follow a planned route, identifying buoys and landmarks (coastal only)
  • Use compass to aid navigation

Recovery & Aftercare

Knowledge of

  • Aftercare and basic maintenance


  • How to recover a PW from the water
  • How to prepare PW and associated gear for trailing

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