This test is required to enable the 'inland' option on an ICC, allowing you to navigate through the inland waterways.

CEVNI stands for Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure. It is the code governing navigation on the interconnected European inland waterways.
Signs, rules and procedures for navigating the European inland waterways are all included within the CEVNI code, and pleasure craft are expected to know and follow the code.Knowing and abiding by the regulations is the best way to protect yourself and your boat.

The test is split into two parts and you have a chance to practice as much as you like before you take the real test. If you need help studying before your test either contact us for help, or take a look at our recommended reading.

Recommended Reading

RYA European Waterways Regulation (G17) - £9.49

This is the RYA's offical book to support the CEVNI test and expands on the quick reference CEVNI Handbook (G106) to give a deeper level of understanding. It is invaluable reading before your test and you can also keep it on board as a useful reference when cruising abroad.

Online via RYA interactive

When you have passed both parts of the test, you will be able to download a certificate

If you don't already hold an ICC, you should send the certificate with your ICC application form and other associated paperwork.

If you already hold an ICC for coastal waters, you can now validate it for inland waters by sending the certificate along with your original ICC certificate and a passport photo to the RYA..

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