RYA Short Range VHF Radio Operators Course (SRC). This is the radio operator qualification which authorises the holder to operate a VHF radio fitted with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) on board any British vessel which is voluntarily fitted with radio equipment. All new VHF sets are either fitted, or can be interfaced, with DSC allowing calls to specific vessels. If you hold the ‘old’ VHF licence (pre-1999) you need to upgrade to this qualification if you purchase new equipment.

A radio is an important piece of safety equipment on board and it is vital to understand the correct procedures to avoid clogging up the airwaves with unnecessary transmissions, which could block out a Mayday distress call.  If you own a marine VHF radio, hand held or fixed on the boat, you are required by law to hold an operator’s licence.

The RYA Short Range Certificate course is now in line with other European countries as per the rules and regulations under CEPT (The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations).  

Please be aware the course fee does not include the licence fee - this is an addtional £60 payable directly to the RYA.

This RYA Interactive course, comprising the training modules, pre-exam knowledge check and the RYA VHF Handbook, allows you to work through the training at your own speed. This is in preparation for your exam at the training centre - the final step towards gaining your Marine Radio Short Range Certificate.

Online via RYA interactive - £100.00 + £60.00 exam fee (call to book)

You are still required to attend a training center to take the exam, we can arrange this for you.

GMDSS Short Range Certificate if successful, after which the candidate has to apply to the RYA for a licence at an additional cost of £60 (payable to the RYA) and provide a passport sized photograph.

Background information on the GMDSS system and its equipment and licensing requirements

Radio rules and regulations

Operation of marine VHF equipment includingb DSC functions

The phonetic alphabet

Basic radio language and protocols including pro words such as over, say again, out etc.

Correct use of the various channels

How to make calls to other stations

How to send a Distress Alert and Distress Message (Mayday)

How to send an urgency alert and a safety call.

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