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A big thank you to everyone who has sent emails and letters in to us. We really appreciate your comments and hope to continue providing fun and enjoyable courses for all.

We look forward to seeing you again very soon and hope you keep up your sailing.

Paul and Anna, ICC Tuition and Assessment - 2 May 2017

I recently completed my ICC qualification with East Anglian Sailing School on a stormy April day.  The test was carried out on a clean and comfortable vessel by a very friendly and accommodating instructor/ examiner.  On the day in question due to unforeseen family circumstances we had to bring our 9 year old and 19 month old along and the School could have not been more helpful and facilitated all of our needs.  We have spent a good few years now sailing in Greece and the course focused our minds on where we needed to brush up.

 I would highly recommend East Anglian Sailing School for both practicality and professionalism.

Flora, Powerboat Level 2 - 29 August 2016

 We had the most amazing time with Brian. A very high standard of instruction and empowerment! I have an additional adult teaching qualification and was extremely impressed with Brian’s professional delivery and high standards!

Pete and our younger son are keen to find time to come along to meet him too! The whole experience was excellent!

The new logo for the shirts is impressive particularly for Rob who clocked it immediately.

Graham, Round Britain - 25 August 2016

Just a quick note to say what a wonderful time we had last week with Keith and crew, in particular Keith is an excellent skipper and host, and Strata 5 was perfect. Would definitely be looking out for similar events in the future and would thoroughly recommend anyone getting out there and doing this.

David, 1 day Diesel Engine - 7 March 2016

I just completed a RYA diesel course with you. Please let your principal know that I thought the course excellent. I would particularly like to thank Lindsay (and Callum) for making it such an informative and enjoyable day. I know a great deal more now and have more confidence of being able to look after my engine and sort out most problems should they arise.

Lucy, Start Yachting Weekend - 5 March 2016

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the start yachting course and despite being a total novice felt like a member of the crew. The tuition was excellent and I now have a real taste for taking my sailing further-hopefully competent crew and beyond! Although I think I'll stick to sailing in the spring summer for a while, the hailstones were a bit much. 

Rick, 5 day Day Skipper - 14 October 2015

Our 'crew' was two Day Skippers (both dinghy sailors) & one competent crew, plus Nick as our instructor.

Certainly the luck-of-the-draw on fellow crew plays a part but high praise to Nick for getting everyone to quickly gel together & promoting a safe & fun environment for the 6 days.

Weather conditions certainly influenced what we was achievable & realistic on a daily basis, but I remain extremely impressed with how Nick managed to quickly asses our individual and team skills & experience and ensure each days activities provided real challenges and learning opportunities for all crew members. Nick's calm approach and confident guidance permitted a high-degree of 'hands-on' and I know I also speak for the other crew members in saying this is exactly what we sought from this type of course.

I had high hopes & expectations for the course & walked away having had both exceeded - somewhat rare in today's world.

Many, many thanks to East Anglian Sea School, and hopefully in future UK visits I will be able to attend other courses.

Josie, Adult Dinghy Sailing Weekend - 16 September 2015

I would like to pass on my very favourable sailing experience with your instructor Julian. (weekend 5/6 September).

Julian is both patient and very thorough. On the water he guides and consolidates actions and on land he explained the theory aspects exceptionally well - I feel I have progressed under his guidance.

I can really recommend his tuition and care.

Julian, 5 day Day Skipper - 14 September 2015

I have recently returned from a weeks sailing in Greece and putting our boat away for the winter. Prior to that I undertook a Day Skipper 5 day course with you, under our instructor Ken. I am delighted to say the course made a profound difference to my general enjoyment of sailing.

That is not to say I did not find it quite challenging at times and must have tried the patience of our instructor sorely, but and the end I did feel I had achieved something,

Although I did feel the need to get back home for a bit of a rest !!

The 5 days I spent under instruction really helped to ingrain good habits and contribute to a general feeling of increased competence.

I look forward to returning to your school to increase my experience.

Adam at Dalton Warner Davis LLP, 2 Corporate Days Sailing - 9 September 2015

Thank you all so much for making our days such a success. They both worked really well, especially Friday and the two boat formula is a winner – we’ll therefore try for 3 boats next year.

Martin, Day Skipper on Plymouth to Levington Trip - 1 September 2015

Just a note to say thank you to all at East Anglian Sea School for the chance of such a great trip, what an unexpected experience, though it would have been nice to see the Needles in daylight!
A special thank you to Peter who did a fantastic job of guiding us back with the crew he had and still giving instruction to me re my day skipper. I think under the pressure to get the boat back
he did a fantastic job for you and I will definitely be back with you to carry on with my sailing qualifications in the future as well as recommending you to others.

Husain, Day Skipper - 21 August 2015

I had an amazing week, I learned a lot while enjoying it thanks to you. I know instructors like Peter are not easy to find. I appreciate your time, your patience and effort during the course. Above this, I really thank you for respecting and understanding our Islamic culture.

Mark, The Fastnet Campaign 15 August 2015

I would like to say what a great time I had with the whole package that East Anglian Sea School put together. I learned that it isn’t only about the Fastnet Race and smelly socks. It’s about the whole learning experience I had. Seriously, I think I learned more this year than I have in the last ten. There are too many to list but my personal points of note are; First aid, Life raft use, set up and use of storm sails, steering using a drogue, crew & boat management (my personal best learning point), leadership on a sailing boat, off shore racing tactics.

The experience also went to awesome personal experiences; The classic view as hundreds of big and small sailing boats tacking out of the Hurst narrows (all of them experts knowing the rules and what to do in situations), Watch systems and the camaraderie that brings, Sailing amongst many other boats still racing after 600 miles, the Rock, Sailing past all the famous lighthouses, Dolphins swimming in a starry clear night in a phosphorescent sea.

Anyway the list goes on and I will shut up. But I will be back for more one day hopefully with the same nutty crew.

The Sainsbury Centre, Sailing Adventure Day - 21 May 2015

This is just a quick line to thank you all very much indeed for a very successful day on Thursday, 21 May.

The whole day was tailored to our needs. The classroom element and light ship were just right. The sailing with Julian was perfect, he was very helpful, not too technical, conditions were just right for us to be on the yacht under sail at over 5 knots to feel the power of the wind, marvellous. Everyone wholeheartedly agreed it was the best away day in years, especially the seamless transition from yacht to bar at the end of the day!

We do hope to see you again for a repeat visit.

Renée, Sailing Taster Day - 20 May 2015

I just wanted to extend my thanks to everyone at the sailing school for yesterday's taster day, especially to Julian - who was an amazing instructor and very patient with all my novice questions, and to the friendly staff in the office. The day was absolutely amazing! Yes, the weather wasn't nice by anyone's standards, but like I said at the start of the day, if I like sailing in weather like this, I'm going to love it when the weather is nice. And I loved it yesterday! Tacking into 27 knot gusts with hail pelting us in the face and cold, red knuckles wrapped around the wheel, was the most fun I've had in a very long time. I'm sitting in my office, still with a silly grin on my face. Am looking forward to returning for proper training. 

Steve, 9 day combined Day skipper Theory and Practical - 31 March 2015

"I had a great time and learned tons; I never would have believed i'd end up confidently sailing F6-F8s. Our instructor Ken Smith was truely fantastic - he knew just when to help and when to let us get on with it. Please do pass my thanks on to him, and to everyone (including those who prepared all the lovely homecooked food.)"

Rob Burns-Green, 5 Day - Day Skipper Practical - 22nd September 2014

"Just a quick line to let you know that the Day Skipper course last week was absolutely fantastic. Strata 3 was a superb boat - extremely comfortable and perfectly equipped for the course. It was hard work and Ian kept us on our toes throughout. That said, it was great fun." 

Matthew, Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster Offshore Correspondence Course  - 16th September 2014.

"The lectures were all fantastic and easy to work with. Brian was an excellent tutor and always marked exercises in good time providing helpful feedback. Working away on yachts meant that I wasn't able to send my exercises and assessments by post, I was very glad of the opportunity to do everything by email. I was really impressed with everything." 

Lizzie Clark & Di Munro, ICC Own Boat - 1st September 2014.

"Hello Catherine, Just a note to say how, understanding, knowledgeable and helpful we found David Howes to be. He completely put us both at ease (as much as we could be in an assessment circumstance). We had very windy weather to deal with, a strong tide and a keel boat race going on around us. He just took it all in his stride and instilled in us confidence to show him what we really could do. Many thanks." 

William, Boat Handling Masterclass - 5th July 2014.

"Hi! Wanted to give some feedback on the day I spent on Saturday with Ian running the manoeuvring under power course. This was a really good day. Ian was an excellent instructor - patient, knowledgeable, and able to give very focussed advice. He gave us confidence to undertake difficult manoeuvres, and to experience success." 

Richard, Own Boat Tuition, June 2014

"Just a quick note to say thank you to Catherine for arranging and Andrew for making the ICC a real pleasure. Both my sons found Andrew very professional, informative, helpful and fair whilst doing the test and are over the moon they passed. They are talking about doing more courses in the future so no doubt will be back in touch. Thank you to both once again." 

Ian Bentley, Own Boat Tuition, June 2014 

"Just a note to say how much Lindsay and I enjoyed yesterday's tuition with Ian Low. His friendly, relaxed but authoritative style put us at our ease and made the day extremely useful for both of us." 

Nikolas, May 2014

"Having just completed the 9 day Day Skipper combined course my partner and I felt we should drop a note of thanks to you and particularly your instructor Ian. He was patient and concise in the classroom and had a calm manner at sea at all times comveying lessons in a very easy to understand fashion and melding us over 5 days into a half decent crew. I shall have no hesitation in recommending EASS on the basis of this experience."

Katherine, April 2014

"We had a superb three day - weather not bad and a first class skipper- so thank you for making it happen. Please pass on my thanks to Ken who handled the boys really well and ensured we all got what we wanted from the Easter break."

Martin & Sue, April 2014, Motor Own Boat Tuition

"We would just like to say we had a wonderful two days on our boat with Peter for our Helmsman course. He was absolutely perfect for us in that he demonstrated a professional yet relaxed attitude over the two days which enabled us to gain maximum benefit.

A lovely postcard we received from Mike. Thank you.


"Thanks for your help with sorting out my day with Keith yesterday, which was perfect." 
 Charlotte Fowler 15th March 2011


A special thank you was sent direct to the RYA. Here is the letter received from them. View it here . Christian Hobart, Diesel Engine Maintenance, July 2009

"Many thanks to East Anglian Sea School for an excellent experience last week taking the above courses. Your arrangements were excellent including the night in the sail loft.

I especially appreciated the care and flexible teaching of David during 2 days afloat with him. Hoping to return for expert support"   David Shannon VHF and First Aid - March 2010

 "Completed the course with Keith Miller , I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot out of it exactly what I wanted - many thanks. I particularly appreciated Keith's approach to instruction, his general company and good Humour" Keith Martin- DAY SKIPPER May 2010

"Just like to pass on out thanks for last weekend's sailing, we all had a very enjoyable time (despite the duff weather on Monday morning). Great boat and a very amiable and competent skipper. Hope to see EASS again soon" Graham, Angi and Alex Holbrook, Fun Adventure Sailing - weekend July 2009


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