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Dinghy Instructor Courses

East Anglian Sea School offers a range of instructor training which will give students the ability to instruct in a variety of disciplines.

This page is specifically for infomation regarding dinghy instructor courses we offer at EASS:

  • RYA Dinghy Assistant Instructor (AI)
  • RYA Dinghy Instructor (DI) 

Assistant Dinghy Instructor

Calling all budding Dinghy Instructors! Enrolling on this course is your first step towards becoming a fully qualified RYA Dinghy Instructor. Candidates must be aged 14 or above, have completed at least 1 RYA Dinghy Advanced Module, have the recommendation of the Principle and have a passion for helping others. The Assistant Instructor is trained to assist qualified instructors when teaching beginners up to the standard of the National Sailing Scheme Level 2 and the Youth Sailing Scheme Stage 3. They must only work under the supervision of a Senior Instructor, the award is centre specific and valid for 5 years.

This course can be completed over 2 days during any of the dinghy courses running at the school. Candidates are assessed continually throughout the course and there is no exam involved. The cost is £175.

The Assistant Instructor is then eligible to assist Dinghy Instructors at East Anglian Sea School.


Dinghy Instructor Pre-Assessment

3 day: Call us for a price, or submit an enquiry and we will get back to you.

Before being accepted onto an instructor course, candidates need to pass an assessment of their sailing skills. This is to make sure the right sailing ability is held to be eligible to become an instructor. The Pre-Assessment will be completed over 3 days and determines whether the candidate has the required sailing ability to become an instructor as this 5 day course leaves little time for training to improve on sailing skills. The candidate should be able to complete the following tasks sailing at all times with an awareness of 'the Five Essentials' i.e. sail setting, balance, trim, centreboard and course sailed.

During the assessment the candidate will be asked to complete the following:

  • Sail around a triangular course of 100m (minimum) legs to the best of their ability using all the boat’s normal equipment, including spinnaker if carried.
  • Sail a tight circular course around a stationary boat, making only one tack and one gybe.
  • Sail a ‘follow my leader’ course behind another boat. The course may include all points of sailing and may be behind another sailing dinghy or behind a powered boat.
  • Pick up a man overboard dummy; the boat to be stopped and more than one attempt should not be needed.

You may also be asked to complete some of the following:

  • Sail without a rudder, or with the tiller on a loose elastic around a triangular course. You will be expected to make good progress around the course in a seamanlike manner (not applicable to keelboat or multihull instructor candidates).
  • Lee shore landing and departure
  • Anchor or pick up a mooring - wind against tide (if appropriate)
  • Come along-side a moored boat - wind against tide (if appropriate) Recover a capsized dinghy and sail away (not keelboats)

If you feel your sailing is already up to scratch there is the option to do just the 1 day assessment that usually takes place on the third day.

1 day: £120 (assessment only)

RYA Safe and Fun Safeguarding Course

You also need to have completed the RYA Safe and Fun Safeguarding Course. It is and online course and provides a basic level of knowledge and awareness, put in the context of realistic scenarios that anyone could encounter when working with children. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Dinghy Instructor Course

Our instructor course qualifies instructors to teach dinghies in coastal waters. Candidates must be aged 16 or above, have completed the pre-entry assessment within 12 months of taking the course, have a valid First Aid certificate, Powerboat Level 2 certificate, RYA Safe and Fun safeguarding certificate and have pre-course work completed. Once completed the Instructor certificate is valid for 5 years.

5 Day: Call us for a price, or submit an enquiry and we will get back to you.


This is a 5 day intensive course which allows the candidate to teach the RYA National involves classroom work and practical sessions.

An RYA Dinghy Instructor is trained to teach the National Sailing Scheme Level 1, 2, 3, Seamanship Skills, Day Sailing, Sailing with Spinnakers and Youth Sailing Scheme Stage 1-4.








The instructor course covers:

  • Teaching techniques ashore and afloat for adults and children
  • Preparation and presentation of lessons
  • Preparation and use of visual aids
  • The assessment of student’ abilities
  • Written paper (or oral test) covering teaching methods and background
  • The use of powered craft in a teaching environment

Dinghy Instructor Course Moderation/Assessment

This course will be moderated by an outside coach/assessor who has not been involved in the training. Moderation will take place immediately following the training course.

Moderation will cover:

  • practical teaching afloat
  • teaching ashore
  • teaching a land drill
  • a short 5 minute presentation (optional)



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