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Yacht Chartering Terms and Conditions

1. Bookings cannot be accepted from anyone under 25 years of age, nor from novices. The skipper of the charter vessel must hold a Coastal Skipper practical certificate and supply a copy with the booking form for our records, or logged experience of at least 3 full seasons skippering a similar yacht on the waters to be covered by this charter. The Charterer, by booking a yacht guarantees that he will accept full responsibility for the safe navigation of the yacht at all times during the charter period, including the security of the yacht while in harbour, at anchor, or otherwise left unattended.

2. A yacht is not booked until a completed Booking form, together with the booking Deposit has been received and confirmation of the booking given in writing by East Anglian Sea School who act as agents for the owner.

3. The balance of the charter fee, together with the Security Deposit must be paid at least four weeks before commencement of the charter.

4. Should the Charterer require to cancel the booking, notice must be given in writing and every attempt will be made to re-allocate the yacht. If successful the Charterer's deposit, less a minimum of £25.00 for expenses, will be refunded. If the yacht cannot be re-let, the charterer remains obliged to pay the full charter fee.

5. The yacht will be available at the stipulated time on the first day of charter. The Charterer must re-deliver the yacht to the company free of indebtedness at the end of the charter period, at her base. The yacht must be clear of all personal effects by 1600 hours on the last day of the charter ready for the company's inspection. The charterer should allow for possible adverse weather condition when planning the final cruise to base. Late return will result in a charge of twice the daily charter rate, for every day or part day by which redelivery is delayed. The company must be informed as soon as possible if this event is likely to occur. As a rule of thumb one should cover the furthest distance in the first few days and plan to be on the homeward leg by at least the half-way stage.

6. Before the commencement of the charter period the Charterer is invited to inspect the yacht to satisfy himself that it is in good seaworthy condition and is in good working order and by acceptance the charterer will be held to be so satisfied. At this stage any necessary instructions will be given. The company does not warrant the fitness of the yacht in all conditions of weather for any particular cruise or passage within the cruising limits.

7. The Company reserves the right to refuse to hand over the yacht to anyone who in the company's opinion is not suitable to take charge. In this event all money paid will be refunded in full and the charterer will have no further claim against the company.

8. A security deposit is required and will be returned if the yacht is returned in a satisfactory condition at the appointed time and place. The security deposit must be paid 4 weeks before the commencement of the charter. The company may apply the security deposit in reduction of:
a) any liability of the charterer to the company howsoever the same may arise.
b) the cost of any loss or damage to the yacht, her equipment or furnishings as may occur during the charter period.
c) cleaning charges, diesel fuel and gas used.

d) A fuel charge of £1.60 per litre will be applied if the vessel is not returned full.

Provided that the aforesaid shall be without prejudice to the right of the company to recover from the charterer in respect of any such liability or cost. Subject to the aforesaid, the security deposit shall be returned to the charterer within 14 days after the delivery of the yacht, or, in the event of a dispute, upon the determination of such dispute. The whole security deposit will be forfeited in the event of an insurance claim.

9. Comprehensive insurance of the yacht is included in the charter fee, including third party liability up to £1,000,000. The insurance does not cover personal effects (including motor vehicles left at the base) nor does it cover loss or damage to sails, dinghies that are towed behind the yacht, or in any use of the yacht other than cruising for pleasure purposes.

10. In the event of any accident or breakdown of the yacht, its machinery and/or equipment or upon the happening of any event that is likely to give rise to failure of the yacht, its machinery and/or equipment, the charterer must report by telephone to the company, giving the names and addresses of witnesses (where relevant). Although it must be reported, engine breakdown in an auxiliary yacht is not deemed to make the yacht unfit for use. The charterer must comply with any reasonable instructions given by the company or the insurers. No repairs are to be put in the hands of any other party without the prior consent of the company

11. The charterer shall indemnify the company in respect of any loss or damage to the yacht, her equipment or furnishings or other expense as shall occur by reason of the negligence or breach of contract of the charterer or any member of his party. Including any loss or damage after the charter period, but attributable to any act, default or negligence of the charterer or any member of his party.

12. The charterer shall not sub-let or part with the control of the yacht without the written consent of the company.

13. The charterer must limit the number of his party to six people.

14. If owing to circumstances beyond their control, the company is unable to provide the yacht booked or a suitable alternative, the company will refund all money paid and the charterer will have no further claim.

15. Every attempt has been made to provide an accurate description of the yachts, but the company cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy which may exist and further reserves the right to change equipment where necessary.

16.It is regretted that pets cannot be permitted on board.

17. The company shall not be liable for death or personal injury suffered by the charterer or any member of his party. It must be appreciated that sailing carries inherent or patent dangers to persons or property.

18. Cruising limits will be agreed with individual charterers and will be set out in the charter agreement.

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